bread research project

Companatico is a food design project focused on bread culture, presented during Matera Festival @breadwaymatera by @matera2019. We investigated new ways of interaction among the shapes for creating new relations and gestures. 

This research project considers the possibility of considering bread as an experimental material whose composition, consistency and morphology can be redesign through the study of new transformation processes. An accurate analysis of traditional processes was accompanied by the desire to redefine the concept of bread with new ways of interaction. 

The collection, realized in collaboration with a baker, consists of three different breads: 

Losanga, B-taste and Cerevisiae.





Food design and Cultural research



LOSANGA | Temporary sculpture for one special meal

B-TASTE | Hacking the bread for a double taste sandwich

CEREVISIAE | “La scarpetta” ( Lick the Bowl) as a part of friendly meal together.

Designing bread is a process of acquiring primary values and a tool for developing a critical point of view for food consumption in a more ethical and sustainable way.