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Special project

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The Amaltea project was born in response to the tender promoted by the Lighea Onlus Foundation for the design of a chicken coop to be installed in the outdoor spaces of the Franco Parenti Theater.
The chicken coop, which will house Araucana hens for the production of blue eggs, will be managed by Lighea patients and will be part of the Foundation’s projects about job reintegration.

The installation context was the starting point to designing an urban henhouse that was suitable for contemporary living: a space that gets integrated with modern architecture, a suggestion for co-existence between the human and animal worlds in our cities.


House unit

The Amaltea housing unit can accommodate up to 3 hens; the vertical structure makes the most of the space without neglecting the comfort of the animals; there is an area on the ground floor for scratching about and an upper level for sitting on eggs and resting.
The chicken coop was modularly designed so that it can be expanded; the combination of full and empty spaces outlines a green path of aromatic herbs and/or flowers.


“On a global level we have experienced an anthropological transformation: men, from breeders and farmers, have become citizens. Nevertheless, the need for a reconnection with nature re-emerges from the wounds of the metropolis, an instinctive need to get your hands dirty with earth, an act that breaks the rhythms and obligations of urban living” – God Save the Green, 2013.