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CSMH – Centro Studi Martha Harris




Brand Identity

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CSMH is the Center of psychoanalytic studies on childhood, an Italian promoter of the work of the Tavistock Clinic in London.
Our task, in collaboration with Camilla Susini, was to help the Center define a new communication pathway and redesign the visual identity of the school to reach new generations of students.

The history of psychoanalysis, the cultural background, and the bibliographic work of Melanie Klein, Esther Bick, and Gianna Polacco (just to name a few) represented the resources and stimuli around which we have built the brand identity.


Le origini del centro

The new identity is therefore based on the origins of the Center and it has been developed from the initial letters of Martha Harris’ name, a tribute and signature to her contribution, supported by a strong and unique presence of indigo that contrasts black and white.
The result of our work was a series of communication assets including the website, printed/digital promotional material, and educational tools.