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Swingy is the first product of the Urban line designed for the Trentino social impact cooperative Beelieve: a collection imagined to bring biodiversity even in urban contexts.
The project brief involved designing a product line with simple shapes, easy to assemble and manufacture in their workshop. This is how Swingy was born, a pilot product that allowed us to introduce an element of strong brand recognition: the sports rope and its multiple uses.


Biodiversity and Integration

The whole production and assembly processes are the result of the social impact craftmanship that distinguishes the cooperative. Their joiner’s workshop activates social inclusion projects for NEETs (young people between 14 and 29 who do not work and do not study) to give them new perspectives of autonomy and employment.


The PEFC-certified wood used in the production comes from the Val di Fiemme supply chain, and the recovered ropes, are supplied by REDO Upcycling, a local company.