This is not circular

overpacked society

Over-packaging often increases the product price significantly and it also affects the environment. Infact, plastic packaging cannot be decomposed and most of the packaging end up contaminating the environment surrounding us. 

Every consumer can help to invert this tendency acquiring not-packaged products.



Critical design 



Is this model circular? Facing the visual paradox of a geometric shape that denies itself with words, the consumer is invited to ask himself this question. This is not circular is a denunciation of the current economic model: an oil-soaked label to point out the danger of an unsustainable producing way. 

It is used the international recycling symbol with only one arrow to indicate that the chain is almost always broken. Furthermore, the statement “this is not supposed to be here” refers to the content (a banana inside a film), the container (an object that will not decompose for decades) and to the label itself.